LW Speer & Associates was formed in 2007 and continues to provide innovation, expertise, and management of successful projects with clients seeking to solidify their base positions – and significantly improve growth and profit via New Business Investment. We leverage R&D, Marketing, Finance and Leadership expertise from both large company success and entrepreneurial experiences.

We have successfully worked with Fortune 100 public and private companies (e.g. P&G, J&J, State Farm, Walgreens, Scripps, Jarden, Stryker Medical, Valensa, Cohen, Worthington Ind.) as well as smaller companies assessing and maximizing their investment opportunities.

Our focus is on creating Company Growth and Innovation Strategies, developing and prioritizing Portfolios, and creating and executing New Business/Product Projects.

LW Speer & Associates Corporate Consulting

Areas of Expertise

  • Company and Innovation Process
    • Using a Future-Back Design to identify the Key Priorities and Projects and the timing necessary for success
    • Multi-year plan with specific action steps and timing is developed using 5DDP (Five Dialog Development Process)
    • Create a successful Innovation Strategy and New
      Product/Business Portfolio to drive growth and profit
  • New Business or Product Development
    • The successful creation of new businesses and/or new products today requires DMI (Disruptive Market Innovation)
    • Focus on the principles of Job To Be Done, Target Consumer, Trade-offs, Unique Solutions, and Critical Assumptions for Success
  • Fast Cycle Learning Behavior
    • The process moves through 3 phases of learning in short timing (90 day) and is based upon the assumption that each phase of the study would be successful and would inform the next phase of learning
    • Each phase is aligned with success targets to move forward, or pivot, or cancel, into the next phase
    • Small, fast testing iterations are the key to defining the few key critical assumptions that are being tested and supported by the data
  • Transactional Learning Markets
    • This takes the MVP into the market in a variety of distribution points
    • LWSA has used E-commerce on dedicated web sites (and Amazon), partnered with existing, established retailers (with control of pricing and placement) and establishing totally new, dedicated retail stores
    • It is especially effective when LWSA creates and trademarks a brand, allowing understanding of the commercial viablity of the Job, then calcuating the ‘lift’ from the company’s brand to determine total market size